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Message from the
head of school

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Dr. Thomas Hamilton, PhD

head of school
Message from the head of school


I am happy that you are considering Raffles American School (RAS) for your child’s education. Selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions that we, as parents, need to make. I hope that this brochure answers some of the questions you may have.

We have an amazing school where students will fulfill their potential! Raffles American School is set amidst lush greenery and a modern, open-air design, facilitating cool breezes and natural sunlight to complement a learning environment which enhances student focus.

I am truly proud to be associated with such an outstanding professional staff. Our experienced, Western-certified teachers develop individual learning paths for each student, fostering creativity and leadership skills. Our teachers hold teaching degrees from the US, Canada, the UK and the British Commonwealth.

Raffles Education Corporation has been around thirty years providing top quality education around the world, so you can be assured that we provide international quality education standards. Instead of teaching students through drills and memorization, project-based learning tasks challenge students to find their own solutions while teachers guide and support their development. Each Raffles student will have the skills to autonomously approach problems with innovative solutions.

Our goal at RAS is to educate the whole child through inquiry-based learning. This includes a strong co-curricular program that offers a variety of activities to appeal to the interests of all students, such as sports, dance, music, and art. Our curriculum follows the Common Core Standards for Math and Language Arts, and Next Generation Standards for Science.

What really sets us apart are our four General Learning Outcomes (GLOs): problem solving & thinking skills, communication skills, character & interpersonal skills, and organization & research skills. These four GLOs are the back- bone of both our educational and co-curricular programs and are assessed throughout the year in all areas. Important in all aspects of life, these four skills bridge the academic world to the real world.

Raffles offers an outstanding education for your child. Our learning environment ensures that students thrive and grow educationally and socially. As our student body grows, we will continue to be a warm and nurturing environment and will strive to offer additional programs to meet the needs of our diverse population.

Raffles is an exciting school, and we hope that you entrust us with the great responsibility of your child’s education.


Dr. Thomas Hamilton, PhD
Head of School

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