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The RAS Re-Opening Plan has been prepared with our community’s safety in mind. It includes everything we are doing — and everything our community can do — to keep our students, faculty and staff safe as we return to our campus.

As we continue to be in an ever-evolving situation and requirements placed on us from Thai authorities are frequently changing, we will communicate needs with you via email, and update this page as well.

All questions regarding the RAS Re-Opening Plan should be directed to the RAS Administration Team.

Last Updated May 26, 2pm (Bangkok time)

Required Information Before Students Return to Campus
To align with government requirements, a number of documents and the completion of training must be submitted before students, faculty, and staff are able to enter the RAS campus or buses. Additional information on these requirements have been included below.

Required Forms and Training

1. Student Health and Information Registration Form

2. Sign a waiver stating they have not traveled in the last 14 days

3. Complete online Epidemic Education and Awareness Training

Daily Reporting + Health Inspections
Daily Reporting Requirements for Students
Parents will be required to take their child’s temperature each morning and report it before the child can enter RAS campus or buses.

RAS Campus Daily Forms:

Health Self Declaration Form

RAS will complete a daily temperature report, information will be reported to the local government as needed.
Health Inspections at Entry Gates

Entry gates have been equipped with handheld thermometers. All students, faculty and staff will go through designated entry gates so that their temperature can be checked as they enter campus.

If there is a queue, students, faculty and staff will line up on the designated 1 meter spaced “Physical Distancing” markers outside the gate to maintain proper spacing as needed. RAS administration staff and security persons will be stationed in these areas to ensure proper queuing and spacing.

If the temperature scan is at or above 37.3°C, students, faculty and staff go to secondary screening. If in secondary screening the student, faculty or staff still has a temperature, they will be sent home and will need a medical note from a hospital in order to return.

Health Inspections at Midday

Students’ temperatures will be checked during their lunch period and the process will be as follows:

Students will remain in a designated classroom for lunch break
Teachers will use handheld thermometers to check each student’s temperature
They will record all students’ temperature
Teachers will follow the Incidents of Contamination process stated below if there is a reading at or above 37.3°C

Incidents of Contamination Process

If there is a concern over contamination at school regarding COVID-19, the school will take the following steps in response to such a concern being raised. Concerns could be raised in regard to students, parents, faculty, staff, or administration. Under the current circumstances, RAS has a responsibility to remain informed on situations occurring throughout our community.

The Nurse on campus will collect facts and report to the Health & Safety Coordinator regarding concerns over any potential contamination or medical risk occurring on campus. The nurse may contact students, family members, or any staff identified as a potential concern.

The overall response and actions taken by RAS will be approved by the Head of School and can include the following action items:

RAS will comply with all requirements from the CDC in response to any incident reported to those organizations.

Outside organizations can be utilized for consulting on action plans when deemed appropriate, such as International-SOS and Control Risk.

No area of the school will be reopened until we have confirmation that the root of the contamination is no longer an impact on campus and that the identified areas have been disinfected.

Any person identified as a potential source of risk in this regard, will not be allowed to return to campus until they can provide a note from a medical doctor or institution that they are clear to do so.

Any person identified as a potential source of risk in this regard, who is found to be on campus, will be sent to the nurses and the medical protocols for infectious control will be followed.

Bus Arrivals and Departures
Pick up times and bus routes will be discussed in due course depending on demand for bus services from parents.
Students will be held on the bus so that the flow of students entering the campus will be controlled. Physical Distancing markers will be in place at 1-meter intervals outside of the entry gate to provide adequate spacing during the entry screening process and our Security Guards will be stationed outside to ensure students are following the required distancing guidelines.

Once students are on campus, they will be directed to their classrooms and will wait for all students to arrive. Classes will begin once all students are on campus.

If your child rides the bus, you will be notified via email of your child’s bus information by the Transportation team. Please contact the transportation team if your child will be taking the bus.

Transportation Preparation + Protocols
Transportation Preparation

Scheduled to the reopening of the school, all the buses will be disinfected using approved disinfection cleaning guidelines and disinfection concentration recommendations for infection disease outbreaks. These will be undertaken by our providers. When school reopens, all buses will be cleaned after the morning and afternoon drop-off, using the same process. This process will be unchanged until notified by the school to return to the standard cleaning process.
Bus Monitors Preparation

Prior to the scheduled reopening of the school, bus monitors will be trained in the use of the handheld thermometers and how to best and accurately take the temperature of the students.

Transportation Preparation + Protocols
Bus Service Operation

Please note that the bus service provided for the remainder of the school year will be limited to the same routes that were used before the school was closed for on campus learning. Regular bus service recipients will receive an email from the transportation team indicating the standard pick-up and drop-off points to their registered location of record. You will need to escort your child to the bus pick up as usual.

All RAS bus riders (students, faculty, staff, drivers, and monitors) must wear a mask while riding the bus. Everyone who rides RAS provided transportation should bring their own mask to wear.
Boarding Process

Bus monitors will take the temperature of all students as they board the buses and the students will sanitize hands with liquid hand gel

Any student with a temperature reading at or above 37.3°C will not be allowed to board the school bus.

Parents of elementary school children are required to have a parent or guardian escort them to the bus stop in the morning and wait with them until they get on the bus.
Ill Student on Bus

If a student becomes ill while riding the bus and their temperature reading is above the designated threshold, they will be “Identified” for secondary screening by the nurses once the bus arrives at campus.

1. The “Identified” student’s name, grade level, and temperature reading will be recorded.

2. “Identified” students will be seated in a designated section of the bus away from the other riders. This designated section of the bus will be located in the back of the bus and will be labeled as the “Quarantine Seats”. These seats will be labeled accordingly.

3. The Bus Monitor will provide a list of “Identified” students to the Transportation Department.

4. Transportation staff will advise the school administration and the nurse.

5.The nurse will direct the “Identified” students to the “Quarantine Area”.

6. Upon arrival on campus, students will go through secondary temperature screening with the nurse team and divisional administration. Parents will be contacted if the secondary screening included a temperature that is above or equal to 37.3°C.

7. Any bus with “Identified” students will go through a disinfection
Bus Seat Utilization

Bus Seat utilization during the epidemic period will be limited. Please contact the transport team to guarantee a spot.


Each bus will be equipped with the following supplies:

1. (1) One No-Touch infrared thermometers

2. (1) One bottle of Hand Sanitizer

3. (1) One container of disinfectant wipes

4. (5) Five Surgical masks

5. (10) Ten pairs of rubber gloves

6. Vomit Kits

Campus Arrival Preparation + Protocols (Campus Access)
Campus Arrival Preparation

During the campus closure, RAS campus followed a strict entry protocol that included:
1. Non-essential personnel not allowed on campus. No parents or guests

2. Any employee deemed essential is required to present their valid ID and have their temperature screened before entering campus.

Much planning and preparing has taken plans to ensure a safe arrival on campus. These protocols have been outlined below.
Campus Arrival Protocols
Campus Access

Parents are reminded that only those grades invited back to campus as well as faculty and staff are able to be on campus. At this time, unless urgent, parents are not allowed to enter the school building. Parents of K3 students and above must drop off their children at the front of school located right in front of the admin offices. Parents of K3 students and above are not permitted to leave their cars and escort children to the check-in area. Students will only be able to enter and exit campus once per day. Nursery, K1 and K2 parents will use the rear gate as usual.

The entry areas will allow for temperature screening, ID checks, and queuing for entry. Anyone with a temperature at or above 37.3°C will be moved to a holding area.

The holding area is where any person who registers a temperature at or above 37.3°C will wait for a secondary screening, by a nurse to validate their temperature. Those in line for a temperature check must stay 1.5 meters apart. Tape on the ground will indicate where they should stand.

IR handheld monitor devices will be used to scan all persons entering and ensure everyone has a temperature below 37.3°C. Application of Hand Gel will be required at all entry points. All individuals entering the campus must be wearing a mask and parents must sign the Health Self Declaration Form each day (students unaccompanied by parents may fill out the form themselves). Those in line for a temperature check must stay 1.5 meters apart. Tape on the ground will indicate where they should stand. They will be located at the front of the school for K3 students above and at the entrance to the nursery section.

Facilities Disinfecting
Facilities Disinfectant Prior to Re-Opening

The campuses of RAS have undergone a deep cleaning which followed our cleaning partners’ infectious disease protocol. This cleaning was completed on the week of the 25th of May In preparation of our campus re-opening.

Facilities Disinfectant After Re-Opening
Upon the re-opening of our campus, all facilities and classrooms will be disinfected nightly by using their disinfection cleaning guidelines and disinfection concentration recommendation for infectious disease outbreaks.

Cleaning staff will wipe and disinfect all buildings every hour with special attention being given to the following areas and surfaces:

Elevator buttons
Bathrooms and sinks

All cleaning staff will wear face masks and gloves during their normal working hours. These masks and gloves will be changed at least twice per day (morning and afternoon sessions).

Each individual classroom and all reception areas will be provided with (1) one bottle of Liquid Hand Sanitizer, masks, sanitizer wipes and a vomit bag.

In addition, the Technology Department will implement the following with respect to shared equipment:

Have available on hand disinfectant wipes and other appropriate materials for disinfecting shared equipment
Disinfect shared laptops and other shared equipment prior to school re-opening
Disinfect shared laptops and other shared equipment each time they are returned
Within the libraries, the librarians will implement the following with respect to returned books and other library resources:
Have available on hand disinfectant wipes and other appropriate materials for disinfecting returned books and other shared library resources
Disinfect returned books and other shared library resources each time they are returned

Lunch Procedures
Lunch Procedures

Epicure will be providing a boxed lunch service for students – Asian, Western, Vegetarian — each day. All meals will need to be pre-ordered.

Meals will be delivered by TAs to the relevant classrooms.

TAs will deliver a bag to each student who will consume foods at their designated desk
Lunches will be in ‘airline’ style containers and delivered in a bag to minimise any potential contact
Students will provide their own water bottles

Students are always welcome to bring their own food to campus. You are reminded that food brought on campus should not require any refrigeration or reheating.

Prevention Materials + Supplies
The purchasing department will review daily the need to reorder key supplies with reports from the security, nursing and support services team.

Key supplies for the school have been identified as follows:

1. Liquid hand sanitizer

2. Surgical masks

3. Disinfectant wipes

4. Concentrated disinfectant powder

5. Rubber gloves

6. Handheld Thermometer

Minimum quantities for the above items will be maintained to ensure a sufficient level of stock until the situation deems otherwise.

Epidemic Prevention + Safety Training
Epidemic Education + Awareness Training

Before entering RAS campus, students and parents are required to complete the Epidemic Education and Awareness Training.

Both parents and students must complete this training. Prior to your child’s return date, parents will receive an email with further instructions on how to access the training and how to provide the necessary documentation of completion.

Please watch your email for additional details in the coming days.

It is important to note that ALL parents and ALL students must complete this training.

Should you have any questions, please contact the RAS Admin Team.

Continued Distance Learning Plan
For students who remain off-campus, Distance Learning @ RAS will continue until the end of the academic year on June 12th.

Currently, Raffles American School has 348 students. For those students who will be joining us on campus, high school and middle school students will continue with their core set of subjects according to a similar schedule as prior to campus closure, with needed adjustments to accommodate the constraints put on us by the local government. Each class will be supported and guided by an RAS faculty member – either the regular class teacher or one with reassigned responsibilities.

The curriculum will follow the same schedule and goals as Distance Learning so we may synchronize progress of students both on and off campus. Students on campus will continue to have access to resources and assignments posted online.

Elementary school students who we are able to invite back will have either their own classroom teacher or another qualified RAS elementary classroom teacher to support them. Elementary school principals will share the new schedule with families once the re-opening date is confirmed.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health
Special attention will also be paid to the social-emotional learning needs of all students during this time.

The shift to full-time online learning in the wake of the pandemic has brought change and challenges for everyone in the learning community. It is important for us to continue teaching students while attending to their emotions. The research is clear, social-emotional learning is key to successful student performance of the “whole” child.

It doesn’t change as a result of COVID-19. Our role as educators remains the same. We want to continue creating a safe space for students to talk through their emotions. We just happen to be doing so virtually (ie. break out rooms, how are you feeling today? What emotions are you experiencing right now? What can you do to make the day better?)

Now more than ever, we must continue to check-in with all our students and families. Set a time in weekly lessons to have students express how they are feeling (ie. asking open-ended questions about their well-being, doodling, art, music)

It’ll be important to normalize emotions and give students creative ways to have an outlet, as well as to stay and feel connected.* Carrying out familiar routines will be comforting for them.

More on finding creative ways to engage students while social distancing and on mental health standards can be discussed in future smaller team meetings or professional development.

Other Information
Masks – Supply, Usage + Disposal

RAS families will need to supply their children with masks to wear while on the bus and on campus.

Dedicated “Mask Disposal” bins will be labeled and placed throughout the campuses. These bins will be labeled accordingly, and the masks will be disposed of as required by SEC and/or CDC required guidelines.

School Absences

Administration staff will be responsible for collecting and submitting data relating to student absences. The process for this is recorded in PowerSchool.

Process is as follows:
Parents should call into the school office and notify admin staff
Administration records absence in PowerSchool and notes reason for absence
If parent provides the reason as fever they are advised as follows:

Student cannot return to school until their temperature is below 37.3°C for 48 hours
Administrative assistant will contact the school nurse to follow-up with parent
School nurse will contact the parent to discuss illness and directs the appropriate medical professionals as needed
Administration will be informed of absences and reason for illness
Administration will advise homeroom teachers of student absences
Nursing staff will keep database of absences and record of reason for illness
Absence reported by Homeroom Teacher
Homeroom teacher will take attendance every morning in homeroom period
Homeroom teacher will advise administrators of the absent students
Administrative assistants will call the parents to confirm absence and record reason for absence
Administrative assistance will record the absence in PowerSchool and notes reason for absence

If parent provides reason as fever they are advised as follows:

PDF Summaries
These summaries highlight the most important information for parents to know about what to prepare before their child returns to RAS.

Before Returning – A checklist of the documents required to enter RAS campus and buses

Fever Protocols – A chart to help parents understand the actions the school must take if a child develops a fever

Returning To Campus – A list of different procedures or places students should expect when they return to campus

Returning to Buses – – A list of different procedures or places students should expect when they ride buses

Returning to Buses – – A list of different procedures or places students should expect when they ride buses