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// Heather
Art (Pre-K and Lower Primary)


– Art

Miss Heather is an artist originally from Nottingham in England; a city famous for its castle and forest where the legend Robin Hood and his merry men had many adventures.
Miss Heather moved to the north of England where she studied illustration and picked up part of her unique accent. She then went on to train and work with young people with learning disabilities, specializing in children with autism. Through this work she helped to enrich the young people’s lives with art, music and fun activities. Miss Heather came to Thailand in 2012, where she worked at an international school for 5 years, teaching Art, Creative Writing and English. She left Thailand with her 2 rescued cats in 2017 to travel to Australia and New Zealand, where she stayed for 6 months and wrote and illustrated 2 children’s books. She has spent the last 7 months in England with her cats, doing freelance work and working with teenagers, showing them how to skateboard and ice skate. Whilst working as a freelance illustrator, she has created work for a record company in Berlin, illustrated for the laurent poet of Nottingham (a poet who writes poems for the royal family), designed colouring pages for books, illustrated for magazines and comic books,
wrote commissioned stories, made band posters and painted. Miss Heather loves using her imagination to draw and paint. She has exhibited her work in Nottingham, Manchester, London, and Bangkok. Aside from art she loves animals, traveling, walking, dancing, music, reading, football, and hula hooping. Miss Heather is very excited to join the raffles team.

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