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Nursery – Pre-Kindergarten (N – K2)



Kindergarten 3 – Grade 5  (K3 – G5)

Students focus on literacy skills reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students learn the art of the English language through the 6+1 Trait Writing Model of instruction and Assessment and the Daily 5 literacy framework. Numeracy is a daily focus as students work to gain a balance between concepts and procedures, while developing sound mathematical practices. Science, social studies, visual art, music, physical education, and world language are instructed in a student-centered approach of practical hands-on learning. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum.




Language Arts – CCSS

(Common Core State Standards, USA)

Mathematics – CCSS

(Common Core State Standards, USA)

Science – NGSS

(Next Generation Science Standards, USA)

Social Studies – C3 Framework 

(College, Career, and Civic Life) 

World Language – ACTFL

(American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)

Visual Art – AERO

(American Education Reaches Out, USA) 

Music (or Performing Arts) – NCCAS 

(National Coalition for Core Arts Standards) 

Physical Education – CA

(California, USA)

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