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Dr. Thomas Hamilton



Dr. Thomas Hamilton has been working in international education for over two decades, in countries like America and Korea, but most of his career has focused on education leadership in Thailand. Thomas has taught students from over 30 countries, from first grade to graduate education, as well as holding leadership positions in three different schools.

After finishing a bachelor’s degree in English Language Arts (Secondary Education Teacher Qualification Program), Thomas’ passion for literature led him to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees which focused on teaching reading and writing. In the classroom, Thomas’ lessons focused on literacy skills, specifically emerging literacy with younger learners, and academic/research writing with older students.

While working with Asian students, Thomas became concerned that the region’s prevailing pedagogical approaches were not sufficiently preparing students for the challenges of research writing required in graduate education. This led Thomas to pursue opportunities for education reform in Thailand. After focusing his career on education leadership, Thomas obtained postgraduate certificates in Education Leadership and in IB School Leadership.

At Raffles American School, Thomas has worked with the school’s Executive Board of Directors to establish an opportunity for students in the region to become creative, autonomous learners that are truly excited about the learning process.

Preschool & Elementary Principal

Ms. April Cruz


April has been teaching students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 for over a decade. April started teaching in America where she completed her California teaching license and Master’s in Education. Before joining RAS as the Elementary Principal, April helped design and led the IB PYP and WASC accreditations for another international school. April’s experience with the Elementary division of IB (PYP) has been a great asset to Raffles American School as we prepare our teachers and students for the IB program.
April believes in fostering each student to their fullest potential. School and the classroom should be a safe space for children to have enriching learning experiences and opportunities to learn about the world, the world around them, and most importantly, be ready for their college and careers in the future.

Middle & High School Principal

Mr Kyle Young


  • M.Ed International Education Administration (USA)
  • B.Ed Junior & Intermediate (Canada)
  • HBA English (Canada)
  • B.Sc Natural Sciences (Canada)

15 years in education, 9 years in Senior Leadership

Personal Statement: 

Kyle’s greatest passion as an educational leader is in watching happy students and teachers collaborate and grow in meaningful ways. At RAS that means leading innovative change year round that benefits our whole community and results in ever-increasing academic excellence. Above all else, he values relationships with teachers, students, and parents, and finds leading a school community one the most rewarding experiences of his life. Over the past decade, he has experienced and contributed to educational improvement in a variety of ways in Canada, the UK, the US, and Thailand. His experiences as a Classroom Teacher (G3-10), Discipline & Department Head, Accreditation Coordinator, Divisional Principal, and Head of School/Principal have lead to his belief in constant growth and progress, and that all students and teachers are capable of both.

Kyle’s primary goal at RAS is to lead lasting school improvement, and to develop a culture where the status quo is feeling good about the changes that take place because they ultimately propel our students and staff to overall excellence. Teachers remain indisputably the greatest resource in any school, so treating them well, building up their skills and confidence, and valuing their contributions and endless effort, are the greatest ways to ensure our children get the exceptional international educational experience they deserve. At the end of the day, success is marked by the number of students and teachers who not only learn and grow, but also think of RAS as a family.

Middle & High School Vice Principal

Mr Alex Warrington

Alex has a decade of experience teaching from primary to secondary in Thailand and the UK. Alex completed his PGCE in Secondary Education at Newman University in Birmingham, specializing in humanities before joining RAS as a Social Studies teacher in 2020. Alex helped coordinate the WASC process that led to the school’s accreditation in 2022 before becoming the MSHS Vice Principal.

Alex believes in the importance of building skills in the classroom that will help students in whatever path they choose to take after high school. For students to be successful in college and their careers a school must provide its students with all the tools necessary for success. Alex believes that this can be done successfully through application and the development of strong critical thinking skills.


Nursery A

Ms. Sarah

Hello, my name is Sarah Bush. I grew up in New York, USA. My Bachelor’s Degree is from The University of Delaware in USA. In April 2022 I will complete my Master’s Degree in Teaching English Learners, from the American College of Education.  

I am TEFL certified, have training in CPR, and 5+ years of teaching experience. Before Bangkok I lived in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.  

I am new to the RAS teaching team, however, I have many years of experience teaching English, including through the USA, China, South Africa, and Thailand.  

I have also been an acting and dance teacher in America.  

I love teaching young learners and making each class a fun learning experience. 

Nursery B

Ms. Jenna

Before starting her seven year career teaching at international schools in Thailand, Jenna was teaching in Europe where she completed her Bachelor’s in an educational field.


Kindergarten 1A

Ms. Lauren

Ms. Lauren completed her BA of Honors degree in Sociology and Social Psychology, and then a post-graduate certificate of Education with Merit from Nottingham University. Lauren has five years of experience teaching students in China and Thailand.

Kindergarten 1B

Ms. Shelia

Ms. Shelia holds a degree in Early Childhood education from the United States and is currently pursuing a certification in Special Education. She has enjoyed working with children of varying backgrounds for over 8 years. This is her fourth year of living and teaching in Thailand. She believes that all children are unique and learn in different ways. She enjoys encouraging students to think outside the box and explore new ways of problem solving in fun and energetic ways!

Kindergarten 1C

Ms. Rita

Ms. Rita has a master’s in Education and a certified teaching license. She believes in a more holistic approach to learning and incorporates play, music and arts in all of her lessons. She also believes that learning is fun, and that learning can happen anywhere and at any time. That is the mindset she wishes to instill upon her students.


Kindergarten 2A

Ms. Maria

Maria has been teaching young learners in Thailand for over four years. She holds a diploma with honors in an education field. Before moving to Thailand, Maria was teaching students in Europe.

Kindergarten 2B

Ms. Charlotte

Ms. Charlotte has been teaching young children for eight years. She strongly believes that children learn and retain the most when they are thoroughly enjoying themselves, by taking initiative and being given independence in the classroom.

Kindergarten 2C

Ms. Ramona

Ms. Ramona has a bachelor’s degree in the education field and an associate degree in Early Childhood Education from the United States. She has three years of experience using the Creative Curriculum and Reggio Emilia Curriculum in the United States early childhood settings. She is a passionate and dedicated teacher with a love for teaching children at the early years level.


Kindergarten 3A

Ms. Cassandra

Ms. Cassandra has a bachelor’s degree in Foundation Phase Education. She had experience in teaching children of all ages and all walks. She believes that children are the future and for the world to change politically, economically, and environmentally. That begins with how she educates the children in her classroom.

Kindergarten 3B

Ms. Lynda

Ms. Lynda worked at Montfort College Primary School for two years in Chiang Mai. From there she became the Lead Teacher in a Kindergarten. Now, she is so excited to be studying her Masters in Education with University of Derby, UK. Her teaching ethos is positive reinforcement, confidence building and learning through fun.


Grade 1A

Ms. Eilidh

Eilidh has been teaching young learners in the UK and Thailand since 2013. She earned a Bachelor Early Education and Childcare and a Master’s in Primary Education.

Grade 1B

Ms. Tinsley

Tinsely has been teaching in schools around the world since 2013. Her education and experience has been focused on the tireless pursuit of helping others. Tinsley’s American teaching license is being completed through a University in America.

Grade 1C

Ms. Emilia

Emilia obtained her Qualified Teacher Status (Primary Education) from Leeds Trinity University, achieving first class honors with outstanding teaching practice. Since 2013, Emilia has taught young learners in four different schools around the world.


Grade 2A

Mr. Sean

Mr. Sean has been teaching for over six years. He graduated from the University of Bournemouth and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Winchester. He taught in Asia before then he went back home to England to complete his QTS and PGCE. Sean believes in the importance of understanding each child’s individual needs and making learning as engaging and exciting as possible.

Grade 2B

Mr. Delano

Delano graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education and is completing a Postgraduate Certification in Education at Liverpool John Moores University. He has five years of experience teaching Elementary students in Thailand.

Grade 2C

Ms. Ornina

Ornina is certified in K – Grade 6 education. She has worked in schools for many years and has a passion for working with students of all ages and seeing them grow and develop as individuals and learners. Her teaching philosophy is “everyone can do it.” She believes in finding the optimal setting to help students reach their goals.



Grade 3A

Mr. Andrew

Mr. Andrew has been teaching for six years in the United States, Vietnam, and now in Thailand. He loves to work with students across the achievement spectrum to facilitate growth, both personally and academically.

Grade 3B

Mr. Andy

Andy graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and holds a current United States teaching license. Andy has teaching experience in grades 3, 4, and 5, as well as in a specialized program for children with developmental and learning disabilities. He came to Thailand to fulfill his desire to teach abroad and experience other cultures. After obtaining his TEFL certification, he taught in Ayutthaya, Thailand for one year before moving to Bangkok and joining the Raffles community. Andy is very active and enjoys playing all sports, especially basketball. He also enjoys a wide variety of music and attends concerts whenever he can. Andy strives to promote an engaged classroom that values individuality, personal responsibility, and a deep understanding of the material. His goal is to create a love of education within his students so they become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

Grade 3C

Mr. Juan

Mr. Juan obtained his bachelor’s degree in Primary Education at the University of Granada and for the past 5 years has thoroughly enjoyed teaching primary students in Europe. He began his teaching career in Malta, follow by, London, Spain, and now Thailand.


Grade 4A

Mr. Lowell

Mr. Lowell is completing his Master’s in Education from Moreland University. He taught children for a number of years and eventually moved to China and taught there for 3 years. He is new to Thailand but he is very excited about making an impact on his students at Raffles.

Grade 4B

Mr. Daniel

Daniel has an American Teaching license. Since 2005 Daniel has been teaching young learners in the US, Chili, and Thailand. Daniel is currently completing his MA in education leadership.


Grade 5A

Mr. Darryl

Darryl has a Master’s degree in International Education and a Bachelor of Arts in History. Darryl began his journey as an educator over seventeen years ago here in Thailand, and quickly progressed from teacher to teacher trainer. After moving to a prestigious, well known private school in Bangkok, he was promoted to the position of Academic Manager, a post he held for ten years before moving to Raffles American School.

As an educator, Darryl believes passionately in teaching children how to think, not what to think, in order to create critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Equally important, Darryl believes that learning must be fun and engaging for best results.

Grade 5B

Mr. Matthew

Matthew is from the south of England and has been teaching and improving his craft for eight years. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he moved to Thailand to begin his teaching journey and worked at various schools in Bangkok, as well as in Beijing. He is currently writing his Master’s dissertation on promoting student voice in International Schools and strives to create a classroom environment where every child’s voice is heard. Matthew is now in his second year with Raffles and alongside promoting students’ voices he aims to build a classroom environment that helps create a love for learning and encourages students to be independent lifelong learners.


Grade 6A

Mr. Joe

Mr. Joe has a Postgraduate Certificate of Education with Fully Qualified Teaching Status. He has taught at international schools in Thailand for the last two years. He went to university in the UK where he studied performing arts. He very much looks forward to seeing the achievements that his future students will reach.

Grade 6B ELA & ELL Teacher

Ms. Leandri

Ms. Leandri is a certified teacher who completed her postgraduate certificate in education. She has taught in Thailand for three years. Her aim is to create a safe and nurturing environment where students can make developmental errors and be active participants, rather than passive recipients.


Grade 7A

Ms. Jamie

Ms. Jamie is a passionate educator building a classroom culture that fosters continuous improvement. As a licensed teacher holding a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in human development and psychology, she has taken a student-centered approach as a teacher for the past five years. She is committed to individualized learning to meet students at varying readiness levels and advocates for pastoral care, with kindness and understanding at the core of learning.

Seeing learning as ubiquitous, she encourages lifelong learning of students through curiosity in and out of the classroom. Her role as the Professional Development Coordinator has allowed her to be intentional in her approach to teaching as a learner and to model a growth mindset through her own continuous growth.

Grade 7B

Ms. Katherine

Ms. Katherine has a Bachelor of Science in English Education, and has been teaching for over a decade. Her greatest desire is to see students achieve their goals and become lifelong learners.


Grade 8

Mr. Johnny

After having completed initial goal to study Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Johnny extended his ambition to becoming a full-time teacher. Upon completion of his formal teaching degree, and equipped with his professional teaching license, he was confident to take up a position within the classroom. After a few years of teaching, he is immensely excited to continue pursuing his passion in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand.



Mr. James

James has been teaching Science for almost a decade. He completed a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Education at the University of Western Australia. Prior to joining RAS, James taught High School Science and Mathematics in Australia, and he also worked in environmental science for several years before deciding to move into teaching.


Grade 10

Ms. Adrienne

I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a bachelor’s degree in Neuropsychology and a minor in creative writing. I also hold a teaching license for ELA grades 6-12 from the state of Florida. My passion for literature drove me to publish in poetry and compete (and win a few) short story competitions. I have been teaching English Language Arts for ten years, hoping to instill in students a love for all things literature. I have taught all over Asia, and hold certifications to teach IGCSE and IB.


Grade 11

Ms. Daisy

An enthusiastic educator with unyielding commitment in teaching children, Daisy is a licensed teacher who has been in the teaching profession for more than a decade. She is a graduate of multiple degrees, including a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a major in mathematics, as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics. Her experience includes teaching mathematics to levels ranging from primary to senior high school in multicultural and inclusion classrooms. Daisy is able to remain flexible, ensuring that every child’s learning style and abilities are addressed. She never stops expanding her horizons to be able to offer only the best for her students. She considers teaching her passion and her calling, and in addition to instructing students, she has also written mathematics books for learners in her home country.

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