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Our Mission

Raffles American School strives to mold students to achieve their academic and life goals.

RAS serves students Pre-K through 12th grade. Our rigorous and rich academic and co-curricular programs encourage student growth through a learning outcome approach, acknowledging multiple types of intelligence and paths to learning. We facilitate student success through collaboration with parents, a balanced focus on intellectual, emotional, physical, and social progress, and a profound belief that all students can learn.

Approaches to Learning

• Engagement
• Creativity and Imagination
• Curiosity and Initiative
• Persistence

Social and Emotional Development

• Self Concept and Self Awareness
• Self Regulation
• Relationship with Others
• Accountability
• Adaptability

Physical Development and Health

• Physical Development
• Physical Fitness
• Health and Well-being
• Health and Safety

Cognition and Knowledge of the World

• Mathematics
• Science
• Technology
• Social Studies
• The Arts

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