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Nursery – Pre-Kindergarten (N – K2)



 Grade 9 – Grade 12 (G9 – G12)


Students are awarded  a US High School Diploma. Different options in all subject areas allows students to tailor their high school diploma to meet the requirements of desired future studies. Rigorous courses delivered with a focus on the RAS General Learning Outcomes are offered at varying levels of difficulty and commitment. The Advanced Placement (AP) offerings designed by the US College Board culminate in external examinations qualifying students for entry to their university of choice. Beginning in Grade 10 students work with a High School Guidance Counselor to assist in suitable course selection for potential university requirements. Graduation from RAS is, in itself, a passport to potential entry to virtually every university across the globe.



Students graduating from RAS are prepared to enter universities around the world. From Grade 10, students

will receive individual counseling regarding their

targeted region of university choice. RAS then assists students in choosing



Our High School curriculum offers US College Board

Advanced Placement (AP) study for grades 10-12. High School students may choose to enroll in any number of the AP courses offered. AP courses are fast paced and

rigorous in content. Students will be given the opportunity to sit for the external AP examinations offered in May by the College Board. A qualifying AP score usually translates to university credit in North American schools. Deciding to take an AP course lets colleges and universities know that students have what it takes to succeed in an undergraduate




  • English – 4 Credits
  • Mathematics – 3 Credits
  • Science – 3 Credits
  • Social Studies – 3 Credits
  • World Language – 2 Credits
  • Physical Education – 2 Credits
  • Arts – 1 Credit
  • Health & Technology – 1 Credit
  • Electives – 6 Credits

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