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(RAS PTG) 2022

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//Parent Teacher Group (RAS PTG) 2022

Parent Teacher Group (RAS PTG) 2022

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This week, the school was honored to have hosted our first PTG (Parent Teacher Group) meeting on 22/02/22. We aim to ensure the school life for RAS students and parents are enhanced. As we progress through the school year, we would like to share with you our key takeaway points from our PTG meeting:

Aims & Objectives:

1. To continue to regularly communicate with parents through our key communication channel ie. School Email, School Website, Facebook and our official LINE account. For starters, parents and teachers who were present during the first meeting (22/02/22) will be included as the group committees and will be informed for the upcoming activities/ meetings in the future.

2. To keep parents and students updated in regards to our Covid-19 policies or handling procedures to ensure the safety of our students and families.

3. To Continue to develop RAS community spirit through activities such as field trips, parents workplace visitation, workshops, bake sales, school events, community outreach activities and more.

4. To build a holistic and friendly educational environment for RAS students.

5. To provide volunteer assistance for the benefit of teachers and students within the RAS community.

6. To consistently conduct surveys/ collect feedback/ data from parents and teachers regarding student’s progress. This can be done during the regular parents/teachers meeting within the school terms.

7. To provide assistance for RAS families, fulfil inquiries through the school year via our school ambassador and the public relation personales.

In response to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – particularly the challenges of handling the health & safety procedures, we strive to work together with RAS families to achieve the highest of our academic goals as well as to balance our student’s welfare and ensure RAS families are in best hands. We truly appreciate your cooperation, understanding and patience during this time.

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