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Offer of Admissions
Once your child meets all Admissions criteria a formal Offer of Admissions, in writing, will be communicated via email and you can begin a positive transition into the RAS Community. Your Offer of Admissions will be followed by a tuition invoice that outlines all associated costs of enrollment and a welcome letter from the Head of the school. The Head of School letter will outline the remaining steps leading up to enrollment.

Wait Pool
If an applicant meets admissions requirements but is applying for enrollment in a grade level or program that is full, then that applicant will be placed on the waiting list for that particular school year. If a place becomes available, parents are notified and receive an offer of admissions (please see previous section). If it is determined that space will not be available during the requested school year, parents are notified in writing. If a candidate is interested in applying for the following year the roll over application requirements will be determined by Admissions and communicated to parents in writing.

An applicant may be denied admission when there are concerns about academic, social or emotional abilities, when English language proficiency is not commensurate with the grade level of application, or when RAS is unable to offer a program to adequately meet an individual student’s learning needs.

Further Evaluation Required
If it is determined that there is insufficient evidence to make a firm accept/deny decision, you will receive written notification from the Admissions Office outlining the additional information required as well as an expected timeline for the process. This may involve additional interviews or screening with faculty or administration, or contact with the student’s current school.

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