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Homeroom Teacher K3B

Homeroom Teacher K3B
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// Stephanie
Homeroom Teacher K3B


Stephanie graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, but is originally from the State of Wisconsin. She has over 14 years of experience in the education field, three of which were spent in the special education department working closely with children ages 5-12 who had autism. 

Stephanie moved to Thailand in 2020 alongside her husband and two children with the desire to experience other cultures while fulfilling her passion for teaching. 

Stephanie believes that all children are eager to learn when they are excited about the content, and teachers must find what interests their students and allow that to drive lessons. 

She understands that there are many different ways of learning and the classroom needs to meet the needs of individual learners while allowing for collaboration and the development of social skills. 

Stephanie believes that having open communication with parents, and having a strong classroom community is key to foster a positive learning environment for students to develop academically as well as socially. She is looking forward to a fun and successful school year with her students.


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