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Sunantha Meesin

Sunantha Meesin
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// Sunantha Meesin
Chinese Language

Sunantha Meesin

My name is Sunantha Meesin. I graduated bachelor’s degree in food science technology from Taipei, Taiwan and graduated master’s degree in Education at Thailand. I studied elementary school and high school in an International School of Bangkok. I lived in Taiwan for 6 years as
I completed my bachelor’s degree and gained 2 years of working experiences at a private school as an English/ Chinese teacher at Kid Castle Education Institute. My students are from K-1 to Grade 8 students.
My teaching journey continue as I moved back to Bangkok. I had been teaching at International Community School of Bangkok (ICS) as a foreign language teacher teaching Mandarin Chinese. My students are high school students level taking AP’s Chinese classes. I have been teaching for 3 years, and that is how I found out that I enjoy teaching. Teaching is fun, creative, full of question, laughter, achievement, motivation, and more.

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